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Ever wonder what makes one blog or article better than another?


What has that wow factor that gets  people reading and coming back to your website again and again and again?

There are only three steps in this article for you to read and get to the gist what really gets people reading an article please see below.

Step one read preview ( see below)

(1) Small Paragraphs


If you put out a sea of texts people are going to be overwhelmed and not really want to read your article. And you know you’ve seen those articles and chances are you never got to the end of  any one of them either.

(2) Separate Your Ideas with HEADING Tabs (h3 or h4, read post)


Breaking up your article with larger font makes it easier to read the content and make it seem like your breezing through it easier. I’ve used an example of it above.

(3) Black or Dark Grey text on white background


Ever read a book that was anything other than black text on a white background?

Either have I.

Black text on a white background is the way to go and makes your content readable and user-friendly for your audience.

(4) Use conversational speak


Unless you’re reading some snooze-fest article for school that is required  reading, chances are you’re going to want the conent that you’re reading to be user-friendly and speaks directly to you, the reader.

We don’t want to bore our readers from the outset and caused them  to take a nap the moment they visit  our website and start reading our  post… make it friendly uplifting and fun to read.

(5) Use a captivating headline



Yes find something that’s going to get someone’s attention!

Chances are that’s what got them to your website to begin with. If you don’t use a captivating headline you’re not going to entice people to come and read your content.

(6) Use a relevant image within the first fold of the page


Admit it we are a visual bunch and we like images that are captivating and fun to look that at. So be sure to include a relevant and interesting image in the first little bit of your article.


Now if you feel that the above info was not  enough and you are hungry for more  then please go to

step two.

Watch video



Step three write your article

Okay get out there and do your thing and if you need a reference you can always come back to this article.

Please leave a comment or feedback below.


Happy writing: )


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