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Do those simple words inspire anything in you? Inspiration, introspection or just plain irritation? Well depending on where your beliefs lay on the matter of creating your life, it may be all three. But when it comes to creating life just as you would like it to be, it really is as simple as it sounds. Putting it into practice, however is another matter altogether. Not to worry as  it is a pretty simple process once you properly understand how it’s done. To bring anything into your life, just follow these three  steps.

Imagine it…use your mind to focus on your desire. How often do you really sit down and just imagine what you want? You might think you do, but what often happens is we imagine ourselves without what we want and not with it. See yourself with whatever it is that you want. Let’s say what you want is more money, for example. Really see yourself with the thing that you want. How would you act if you had more money? Would you travel more? Shop or go to restaurants more? Build an extension to your home? Come on, you know there is stuff you have wanted for awhile, but you never let yourself have fun with the idea.  Now is the time to create those scenarios and images in your mind.

Feel it… here is where you really dig in and feel how it would feel to actually travel to that special country, or shop in that expensive store. Would you feel happy, excited?  You probably would. So feel that…over and over again. 5- 10 minutes per day is a good place to start. More if you feel inspired, and several times a day when you have a spare moment. There are many times in a day we can do this instead of just pulling out our phones to look at whatever. Use that time to feel good about something you want.

Receive…now all you need to do is just sit back and receive. Don’t worry, it is coming. And you can tell that its on it ways to you by the way that you feel. If you consistently feel better and better about something that you want, its on its way to you.  Manifesting is a lot like fishing. You’ve landed the fish and  can’t yet see it, but you  can “feel the tug” in the water. And if you continue to reel it in with the rod, eventually it will make its way to you. Same thing with your thoughts and in particular your emotions. The strong positive emotions are “reeling” in the thing wanted and if you keep that up, the thing wanted will eventually appear.

Remember you can create big things just as easily as small things. You just need to stay consistent and pick the better feeling option. You will get the one you think about the most.


Have fun fishing.