The Secret to insane FREE website traffic…for reals

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How much time and money do you spend on trying to drum up traffic to your website? How do you even find yourself at a particular website? Im betting you researched a few words and came to the first appealing site that popped up on the first page of your Google search…


Am I right or am I right…?


uh hmm,,,,Right…so


Did you know that search engines still trump social and media marketing and exposure?

If you want legit organic traffic you are going to have to master SEO my friends. Or pay someone who rocks in this department to do it for you….or pay for traffic.

Which is not very effective as people usually get sent to your page, take a 3 second look and leave because really that was not what they were looking for.


I personally would rather someone come to my site who WANTS to be there and found it via a keyword search, rather than someone who got there by accident, stayed for a few seconds and left because they were annoyed that THIS was not what they just wasted their lunch break looking for.


Check out my 5 insane and VERY effective ways to market your website with little to NO money.

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