Money and Law of Attraction

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Yes I said it. I said the three words that I am sure so many people are sick and tired of hearing… Law Of Attraction. There, I said it again.

I think as great as The Secret movie was, it kind of killed that phrase for a lot of people. The movie and its message were amazing, don’t get me wrong, I just think they missed the mark in TRULY educating people. They left a few things out. I felt they didn’t really properly explain the manifesting process. They gave you the tools but not how or why they work. However, Rhonda Byrne is still the LOA queen in my book and rocks an app that I will share with you later.


But back to why I am writing this article…

I want to demystify LOA in a way that people can truly understand it.


Because it WORKS!

Its works for me and I want it to work for you as well. And the ONLY reason it may not be working for you is because you are using it incorrectly. You ARE using it every day, but are likely using it towards things that you do NOT want rather than towards the things you do want.

How do I know this?

Just a guess. I don’t know you at all, but what frustrates me is when I hear people constantly complaining about why they don’t have this or they REALLY want that but… and wonder why it is not happening for them. And I say…( to myself of course)

Are you kidding me?

That is like me complaining to my nutritionist that I cannot understand why I feel so tired and lame all the time, when I put fast food and energy drinks into my mouth three times per day. It is the same thing. And she will probably say back to me, you are getting back what you put into your body. Or, you are what you eat. Or whatever nutritionists say to their clients.

So I say to you… you get what you think about.

You get what you think about whether you want it or not! The universe actually does not know the difference between what is real or what is imagined. It just says ” yes’m” and gets to work on bringing to you whatever you are focused on. So, think positive thoughts and the results will follow.

WAIT! I know what you are thinking right now…


Image result for i just threw up in my mouth

Or, your  thinking…

But I DO think positive thoughts, I DO think about having money. Well, unless you are stacked with cash and don’t feel inner angst whenever you think about money, you are thinking about NOT having money.

How do I know?

Because you are not stacked with cash and have inner angst whenever you think about money or see others that do.

Am I right?

( disclaimer… for those of you that ARE stacked with cash, I applaud you and please disregard this post, as you clearly have grasped this subject matter)


But Admit it…

You may be ingesting a little too much, ” I want more money but…” and ” its not fair that he has too much”. What you could say is something else that not only feels better when you think it, but also feels  more believable to you. Like, ‘”More money is on its way, and if others can do it so can I”. Or ” I’m on the right track, I have some good ideas that might pay off if I work hard enough” or something like that. You know the difference. One feels good to say and the other feels like crap.


So in Conclusion…


Think the thought that feels better to think it and watch what happens. Find a way to feel more prosperous. Thinking better and differently about money is a lot like going to the gym to see improved results in your body. You would NEVER expect to lie around on the couch and eat chips and expect to see a six-pack magically appear on your abs would you? It is NO different with the thoughts you think and the results that follow.  And just like going to the gym and eating better becomes easier once you practice the routine, such is the same with thinking better thoughts. They get easier the more you practice them. Trust me.


Here are a few ideas to get you started…

  • If you can, put a $100 dollars ( or the biggest amount you can afford) in your wallet, clutch or man-purse ( sorry guys I had to). Carry it around all day, but don’t spend it. Just keep it in there and notice all day long how many things you can buy or do with that $100 bucks. If you do that a bunch of times each day, your attitude around money will shift.
  • Spend 7 minutes each night before bed thinking about how and what you would do if you had more money. Make a list and FEEL it as much as possible. Come on, we ALL have 7 minutes at some point in our day. Turn off Netflix!
  • Sit down and really ask yourself what it would feel like to have more money? What would you do? How would you act? What would you buy?
  • back to The Secret…there is an amazing app, called The Secret to Money and I highly recommend it. It costs about 5 bucks, but I promise you it is worth every penny. It gives you (virtual) money to spend each day, which increases in amount daily and is a ton of fun. Trust me, just try it. And no, I don’t get any kickbacks for recommending it. I wish!

So that should be enough to get you started on your road to feeling better about money. And once you feel better about money, your situation around money will change. That is a promise.

Please comment or like this article should you find it helpful in any way. And comment even if you don’t. I’m a big girl, I can handle it.







Tim Bennett

September 19, 2018

Hi Pam,

when I 1st saw your post, I must admit, I thought “oh no… not another LOA post”…

But I not only totally enjoyed your writing style, but really liked your action tips!

I am totally guilty of complaining about something and then wondering why it seems to get more in our face!

Isn’t it interesting that it seems to be easier to complain than look for the good!

That’s worth an investigation into why we do that!

I also loved The Secret, and I use it as a beginning, not a conclusion. There is much more, I believe, to explore about LOA.

I think I will watch it again later…

I am off to get my $100 for my wallet…

Great post!




September 20, 2018


I’m so happy you enjoyed the article thank you!  I’m especially happy that you enjoyed the tips are and are willing to apply them. Not  everyone is willing to take that next step and actually do the work so good for you! let me know how it goes I’d love to see what you get out of this process. FYI, it’s really fun too : )




September 26, 2018

Great post. I think there is a lot of truth here. People often forget that they are in charge of what goes into as well as what comes out of their mind.

When you focus on consuming (mentally) dark or negative ideas or concepts, surprise surprise, your other thoughts become tainted and all trend towards the dark and negative.

The same could be said about good and positive thoughts, although it is easier for the people around you to focus on the negatives and then try and drag you down o they don’t feel bad about themselves.

This is why everyone does not live the life they desire. We are social creatures (most of you anyway) and that is why many people worry about how their actions will be perceived by other people.

If you want to be successful (healthy, happy, wealthy, etc) especially when the people around you are not, you have to discipline yourself and almost be the opposite of the crowd.

When the crowd spends, you save. When the crowd is eating junk and watching tv, eat healthily and exercise, when the crowd is watching cat videos on Youtube spend time with your family, when the crowd is negative, be positive!

This is a good way to way to decide on actions to take ( at least for me anyway)



September 27, 2018

Well said Renton. Sometimes we have to carve out our own path and do what is right for us. And that may mean at times doing the opposite of what others are doing. You said it perfectly, however when you said…”People often forget that they are in charge of what goes into as well as what comes out of their mind’. Cheers : )


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