Manifest it in a day….? Your how to guide

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so you are probably reading this and thinking yeah right…manifest what I want in a day.

Give me whatever she is smoking. Please!

Well if you are familiar with anything I have written so far…please keep scrolling below for your reading pleasure and to further your knowledge on this  topic.

There are various articles down below that are excellent precursors to this article although not totally necessary.


If I can feel it I can soon see it.


How does that sentence grab you…If you are anything like me, the sound of it makes me weep with joy and anticipation.


You are always in the receptive mode and you are getting what is a match to that.

So today for example as I am desperately trying to access a nursing course that I have bought for and paid weeks ago through another Alberta college.

(I am on the road to obtaining my RN baccalaureate degree from Athabasca University…more to follow on that)

A course that should be available to me as of  August 1st, and  is not…frustration now mounts.


I will say that I had put in  calls and emails to the college and a little over an hour  later my frustration is at an all time peak. To put things in perspective I’m the kind of person that when I want something, I  wanted it last week.  So patience is not a trait I have in spades.

I could go on  about all the annoying things that happened as a result of this wayward output of energy, but as I always say, you get what you think about whether you want it or not. So I will spare you the details.


But as a result of this annoying little set back this morning,  everything else in my life is now mounting and frustrating situations that match this are manifesting all around me.


Wow… who would have thought?


Well actually I would have because I know better than to let my emotions get the better of me!!

I have seen time and time again that what I put out emotionally comes back to me in equally physical measure in terms of manifestations and circumstances  that match it.


So in a nutshell, giving your attention to something is inviting it into your life experience. You get what you think about whether you want it or not!

Focus on the WHYS of what you want and watch what happens!



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