Okay so you like to write, you think you have something useful to say and a platform to say it on. Certainly then it should be no problem to pump out crafty content, post it to your website and surely people will flock there like bees to Honey right? Right? Yes and no. It takes […]

Please raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally annoyed anytime anyone mentions Law of attraction LOA ,manifesting what you want or referencing the Secret Movie at any point in a casual conversation? Admit it… we have most of us either seen this movie or one just like it. Or maybe you heard about this […]

For those of you who prefer fresh lemonade over the store bought version you will appreciate the following recipe. And for extra fun, rim the glass with sugar and add a shot or two of vodka and a splash of sparkling water for refreshing Lemon Drop beverage. Directions Juice the lemons to make 1 cup […]

Do you have a passion that you would love to turn into an online money-making opportunity? Let’s face it we all have something that interests us and that we excel at above all others. Whether it be coaching a sport, teaching a class or making amazing quality soap from scratch. We’re all talented at something. […]

Did you know that when a food has a healthy sounding label people tend to eat more of it? Think of the last time you bought something that was “low in fat” or had fewer calories. Did you eat more or less of it? This healthy label myth has proven to lead us to consume […]