Why I love a good internet success story

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If you are anything like me…


you may have spent a good amount of time researching great online opportunities to make money.  About 17 years ago I was turned on the phrase ” trading time for dollars” and it literally blew my mind. I decided right then and there that somehow, one day I would no longer have to “punch a clock” doing something I didn’t love.

I was not going to live my life as a 9 to fiver.


I then became obsessed with the idea.


I was then on a journey to learn as much as I could about money, and how I could create it for myself in a way that allowed me to have freedom, joy and total ease in my life. And it turns out, I was definitely not the only one who wishes for a life like this.


It seems to me that every single day, I hear of another online success story where someone, somewhere has found a creative way to make money online. Through selling products, blogging, or just straight up affiliate marketing. The ways to make money online in this day and age are truly limited only to your own drive and creativity.


I know it can be done, and in fact I am living proof.


But if you would like some more


Hearing about others and their success continues to give me hope.  I love to be a part of a community that only wants to see you succeed and gives you the tools daily to ensure that happens.



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