Why I LOVE making money online

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I know…this sounds a bit annoying and probably total bullshit to your ears.


Like, right ( your thinking) your making money online and you REALLY want others to as well….Right.

Excuse my while I throw up…in my mouth.


Well, actually I DO make money online. OK not a TON right now, but it is increasing all the time.  And no I am not shackled to my PC 24/7 like this fool.



I do work at it, but I like to think I provide valuable content to my readers.

Like how to make money online, how to choose a niche for your website, or how to create a website, or even how to get indexed in Google…the list goes on. I like to think of my website as a resource for those that want to make money and live the life of their dreams. Lofty goal?






Because, straight up its sooo FUN!


Its fun to see the emails saying I am receiving my payout from PayPal. Its fun to see that amount increase each month. And its fun to think that maybe, just maybe, one day I will  make enough every month to have the choice to work or not work at my day job.




In this day and age, this is definitely possible. And with Wealthy Affiliate guiding the way step by step, It is just a matter of time.


So why do I love making money online, even if its only a smallish amount right now? Because its fun and it brings me massive hope for the future and things to come.


What about you?


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And in the meantime, go rinse your mouth.





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